Replicated variables extremely laggy and slow


I recently updated our project from 4.15 to 4.17 and all of a sudden I notice that we have VERY slow replication. Like we have loading bars and such which are based on replicated floats and they used to be very smooth in 4.15, but now the loading bars became incredibly stuttery, they will even sometiems jump from 0.2 to 0.8 in an instant. Also, multicasts and all other rpc calls are sometimes very slow. Like when I hit another player it will take a few seconds before there will be blood and effects. I have no idea what is causing these insane delays. Everything used to work perfect in 4.15.

What happened in 4.17 that could be causing this?

Hey thanks for the reply. One question though. I’ve never tinkered with the actual core engine files / inis. Which ini file should I edit exactly? BaseEngine.ini, WindowsEngine.ini, BaseGame.ini? There are quite a few ini files.

Well, I added the line to WindowsEngine.ini and now project seems to be broken, can’t launch it anymore. I get an instant crash. Any idea why?

Ok, thanks! Problem is I can’t launch my project anymore. Going to need some serious help because I tinkered with WindowsEngine.ini and it broke my project. I removed the line and restored everything the way it was but project still refuses to launch.

How can I give you a minidump file? I have no experience with reading minidump files. Also i posted a link in this post but i can’t remove it. :frowning:

I think it might be my 4.17 version that is broken. I’m currently verifying it inside the launcher, see if that helps.

Update: It’s not my engine version, it’s indeed the project itself. I tried to launch it on different pc and can’t open it there either. I guess I’ll contact support and ask for help.