Replicated Montage and Accessing Output

Hello Everyone,

Been digging through and tweaking my project to become more multiplayer friendly. So far I have been having some decent luck but I have ran into a bit of a stump at the moment. I am able to multicast the ‘Play Montage’ without any issue and call the event from my InputAction (basically, I am left clicking and chopping a tree). When my set up was more single player focused, I was then able to take the “On Completed” and “On Notify Begin” outputs of the Play Montage and use them to continue my blueprint and its functionality.

With it replicated however, I no longer have control over these outputs and am worried about keeping them tied into the multi-cast event (since outside of the animation, everything else is just tied to the specific player that took the action - such as resetting the Currently in Action boolean). Is there any way I can pull the functional outputs from the sections I highlighted in green and get them output following after my call to the custom event “Play Character Montage”?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding this issue?