Replicated character moves smooth but rotation is choppy on client side

I am doing a RTS style game. So for the “units” I am using the Character class. I turned the Net Update Frequency down from the default 100 times per second to 5 times per second. There is no first person camera so 5 updates per second is plenty and saves a ton of bandwidth of course.

The problem is that on the client side the units rotation “snaps” to the server value 5 times per second… It’s odd because the movement itself remains smooth - unaffected by the 5 updates per second. There is obviously network smoothing & prediction going on, as it should…

So why does the rotation not smooth out as well?

I got the same problem, been trying to fix it for a few days now but no solutions yet… pretty infuriating

Jon8857, KaminekDobby, did either of you find a solution? I’m having the same issue now.

Of course, I found the answer right after posting this. For me the trick was to change my pawn’s settings. In the root of the pawn, Replicated Movement > Rotation Quantization > Change to “Short Components”.

This comment is what gave me the hint and goes into more detail: