Replicated actor isn't spawned on client when it is spawned on the server

It seems that none of my runtime spawn calls are replicating to clients properly anymore. The blueprint actor is set to replicate. Its also set to always be relevant. I spawn it on the server. It never shows up on clients. It even does this when I make the spawn call from the client with a replicated event. Shows up on the server, but never on clients. It was working fine until around the release of 4.15.1, then broke even though the code wasn’t changed.

Are there any intended circumstances where a replicated actor shouldn’t spawn on clients when it is spawned on the server?

Are there any other settings I should be checking?

Replicated properties and events still seem to be working, its only spawning that seems to have broken.

It should spawn

Client calls function that’s run on server, reliable. Spawn actor from class… Fill out the other info such as location etc.

Ensure its a rellicated actor.

Can we see the nodes in SS?