Replicate variable in anim tree

Im trying to replicate a variable in animation blueprint, but it’s not replicating , am i doing something wrong help?

Are you setting the variable as the server?

I recommend you set variables on the actor itself which are replicated, and then in the Anim BP set non-replicated variables based on the values of the actor’s variables.

but im trying to replicate a variable wich is only in the player controller , and for listen server there’s just 1 instance wich is a server actor idk if you get what i mean… :rolleyes:


by now you should know that the player controller does not exist for other players. each client will only “know” about its own player controller, and only the server knows about all other clients’ player controllers.
replicated player stuff should exist in the player state. however since you’re replicating something about animation, I’m pretty sure it’s better if it’s a variable in your Character instead

Sorry for the delay, I can only parrot what Chosker has said here, and reiterate what I said above. Set your replicating variables in the character, reference those variables in the animation blueprint.

ok thanks, player state cool cool.