Replicate time only on new Client join

so this is what i want , i want server to always calculate the seconds , minutes and hours of my game and every time that a new client joins i want him to get the seconds , minutes and hours from server and then calculated it himself . because i dont want to replicate this information every second i just want to replicated when new client joins
and BTW i’m using the Sun Position plugin

thanks in advance

The server is already replicating seconds passed through ElapsedTime in the GameState class every Second. You might as well take advantage of that. Otherwise you could send an RPC to the client that joins with the current time.
You can also use GetServerWorldTimeSeconds which is a timer that is running locally but updated to match the server time once in a while. You can change how often the timer corrections should happen in GameState ServerWorldTimeSecondsUpdateFrequency.

OK so my problem was that i was trying to access each player that joined and tell them what the time is , but now im calculating the time in GameState and when new player joins on my player_character_BP on Begin Play i access the Game state , get the time and start the calculation