Replicate Predator Entrance

I am trying to get a static mesh to spawn in the level in a similar manner as Predator(the stealth alien that kicks everybody a**) does. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

The effect could be achieved with a material setup that animates the transparency mask.
Some particle effect could be used to round it off… :slight_smile:

PS: While nothing better to do, Im just creating an example :slight_smile:
Here it is:

Thanks I will try it out.

An easier way would be something like this:


Keep in mind that material blend mode is Masked, not opaque or translucent.

I would use translucent so you can get nice distortion effect too. After mesh is totally visible just swap to normal opaque material.

Sure, it would be “easier”, but a flipbook would allow for more control over the transition.
Depending on where the UVs of the mesh are, the fade could go like: Torso first, then the arms, thne legs. More spreading, not fading on the whole body at once…
Also faded parts could “flicker” into opacity, rather than a “smooth” fade…
If you use the channels of a flipboook texture, you could also drive an interdediate transition material, having the viibility appear in layers…
Soo many cool options here :smiley:

Thank you all for helping me out. I tried using both methods but the “easier” method is what I will go with for now. KVogler your method is what I was looking for but it is too advanced for my knowledge of creating materials. :] When I tried your method I couldn’t get a good texture object to have a smooth transition like in your video. Now I need to figure out how I can increase the fade parameter during game play.