Replicate pawn switch & possession

Okay so I’ve tried the answerhub but it’s so dried up there, I have 14 views and no comment/answer within almost 24 hours so I will give it a try here I hope it’s alright.

What do I want to do?
I want to create a “hotkey” so I can switch between 2 pawns in my multiplayer application (it so happens to be a default pawn and one VR pawn).

What is my problem?
At the current state of my code, I get no errors. I have 2 scenarios

  1. When the player who wants to switch pawns runs as a client; The pawn remains the same default pawn and nothing really happens
  2. When the player who wants to switch pawns runs as server; The pawn gets switched properly although, the movements of the pawn is not being replicated. Now, I think the replication part is a problem with the pawn itself that needs to be resolved and is most likely irrelevant to the pawn-switching mechanism.

So what does my code look like as for right now?
My player controller does some irrelevant stuff and thne requests the game mode to switch pawn.


The Game Mode retrieves the transform (location) of “current” pawn, then destroys the pawn and attempts to spawn a new pawn of a different class and then attempts to possess the pawn with the specified player controller.