Replicate multiple cameras

Hi, everybody! I’m working on a car game project. And I want to make client-server app in which every client is a different camera of one server object. So I want to see my driving car from different cameras attached to it. Is it possible to make using standard unreal networking and replication? I created blueprints which helps me to see my car from clients camera, but i can’t attach client to one of cars camera. Any help will be very appreciated.

Doesn’t seem like you need replication at all. You can attach a few cameras around the car, and freely switch cameras locally. At least from what I understand that’s what you are trying to achieve, right?

Hi! No, that is not what I’m trying to achieve. I want for example three PCs connected by LAN, one showing front camera, one - back and one - top view. In common case, several PCs with their own monitors showing different cameras attached to the same object.

Hi, pingvincible.
You can try to attach non-mesh/non-collision actor to your car and posses to it connected PCs…

OMG, all error was that I put PlayerController in socket, instead of pawn. When I put a pawn into a socket and attached there clients everything worked like a charm