Replicate movement on BlueprintVehicle after custom Actor Spawn and Possess

Hello Guys,
I have a question about “replication movement”, I have the following case.

1.- A GameMode with a “PrePawn” inherited from simple Pawn, only to have a simple camera on screen.

2.- Then I spawn a “VehicleBlueprint” manually from Advanced Vehicle template, all in server side. The Spawn is ok from both sides, server and client to server call.

The problem is, I can’t move the car on remote client side when I spawn the car manually, I think I’m missing some configuration because if I set the “VehicleBlueprint” via DefaultPawn on GameMode the movement works fine.

Someone have any idea to activate the movement on remote client side?

Thanks in advance!

After you spawn the car, you must use the player controller and possess the car if not you don’t have any right to control the car because car owner is server. On client side you can only control Pawn that client owns or player controller possessed.

When you set DefaultPawn on Gamemode it already do that for you when you start playing.

Hi , I’m actually possessing the “VehicleBlueprint” with the Playercontroller on Server side for both Players.