Replicate location of an actor simulating physics

Hey everyone, just typed this up before but it seems to have disappeared. Basically I have an actor that is just a root with a skeletal mesh. This skeletal mesh simulates physics, so it rolls on the ground and everything. At the moment, when a player runs into it, the actor will be pushed away. The problem is that when I run it with a client and server, only the player that pushes it sees it move. If a client pushes it, only the client sees it move. This means that it is in a different location for everybody. How would I get it to always be in the same place across all clients and server? I can’t set where it moves purely from the server because the client needs to be able to push it around, and I’m not sure how I’d make the server handle that movement. I’ve tried setting the replication flags such as replicate movement, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Any help would be great, Thanks.

On the server get the current transform and broadcast it to all connected clients