Replicate ghost car in multiplayer

Hi folks,
after a long time I managed to set up a system for a ghost car in a vehicle game that can be recordet on a button.
Now I want the ghostcar to be replicated to other clients, but it keeps flickering on clients.
I have tested multiple different setups but they had all the same outcome…

I have an actor for my ghostcar that is moved on event tick. My playercontroller records the actual pawn and spawns the ghostcarBP and sets all the parameters for it.
This just gives me the flickering ghost.
The other thing I have tested is that I have a custom event (spawnGhostcar) in my gamemode that is called when my playercontroller finishes recording. But as you could gess, I get the same flickering.
My ghostcar is set to be replicated and also the replicate movement is enabled.

Do I have overseen something?

I hope someone here can help