Replicate components

Hi! I’m trying to create a tps multiplayer game but I got stucked with some problems about bullet and gun replications.
Here are the blueprints:

Bullet spawn

Gun attaching

At first it’s hidden until the character will pick-up the gun

Requesting to display the actors

In the bullet case, the clients are able to see the bullets spawned from the server, but the server or other clients cannot see the bullets came from client

In the weapon case, both server and client can’t see each others weapons.

Not an expert on server replication. You set up server custom events but your calling the client version. Your input action should probably call ServerStartFire directly.

That setup was made for clients. If I use your method, the client will never shoot. I don’t know how to tell you why, but this won’t work…

This live training deals with the replication of weapon projectiles. I think it might be able to explain it better than I can. It also goes into detail about making client meshes replicate also.

Yeah, this one helped me. Now i have to fix the weapon. Thank you.