Replicate animations of a modular character

Hey there,

I’m trying to get the animations of a modular character replicated to all clients.
The character consists of two animated skeletal meshes, one for the body and one for the head.
Both meshes use an own animation blueprint.
All of this works fine in singleplayer but leads to problems in multiplayer:

If there are two clients and the server connected, the clients can see their own head animations and the
head animations of the other clients. The server however, can only see his own head animations and not
the head animations of the clients.

The issue only occurs for the head animations, the body animations work fine for the server.
The question seems similar to this one:

Is there any way to get the head animations to automatically replicate? The head will always be the second
skeletal mesh in the character blueprint, meaning that the solution in that other thread doesn’t seem applicable.

My setup currently looks like that:

Changing the category of the head mesh doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Thank you very much

Hi, I’m using the VR template and I’m incurring in the same problem. Adding one bit: the head animation on the client of the other player is incorrect, it just mirror the one of the local player