Replay System Tutorial(Play Anim Montage is not work) someone can help me?

My DefaultEngine.ini had add the config like this:

  1. [/Script/Engine.GameEngine]
  2. +NetDriverDefinitions=(DefName=“DemoNetDriver”,DriverClassName="/Script/Engine.DemoNetDriver",DriverClassNameFallback="/Script/Engine.DemoNetDriver")

and i using the console command to replay system:

in .h:

void testReplay(int type);

in .cpp:

void AtestReplay01GameMode::testReplay(int type)
	switch (type)
	case 0:		// record
		GetGameInstance()->StartRecordingReplay(TEXT("testReplay"), TEXT(""));
	case 1:		// stop record
	case 2:		// play

and character blueprint:
Replicate movement = true
Replicates = true

Mesh component:
Component Replicate = true;

I using bluepring to play anim montage:

E key----Switch has authority-----Authorty: custom event(Play Anim), and set to Replicates=Multicast, Reliable=true------PlayAnimMontage
Switch has authority-----Remote: custom event(Client Play Anim), and set to Replicates=Run on server, Reliable=true-----custom event(Play Anim)

the anim montage can play with multiplay, but can’t play in Replay system.

at last, i try to use 4.17.2 version, but same as 4.18.0