Replay System , Possesing Character Camera to View

Hi Guys , I have created a Replay system following a Tutorial , the Replay system works fine but i need to change camera for viewing the replay . i need Character Camera to work as Replay Viewing Camera . or a system where i can change between different cameras.

And One More thing the recordings are done .demo format , is there any way to convert these recordings into .avi format .mp4 or any Video format.

Thanks in Advance.

Continuing the question … I have found that we can use UDemoNetDriver::SetViewerOverride() function to override the viewpoints of the Replay , But This function is using Aplayercontroller, i guess i have to create another controller and setViewTarget of that controller to my Character camera. But i dont know how is that possible … can i create a player controller in the blueprints and then access that player controller here ? is it possible of yes please tell me how can i access the blueprints class inside the c++.
or do i have to go full c++ ( playercontroller class in c++ and then setViewTarget to the character camera , do my character needs to be in c++ too

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HI, I have the same problem, are you solve this? if yes can you tell us please.

Same problem, any luck?

You can use replay controller for that purpose.You need to create a player controller and assign it in gamemode replay player controller section found in gamemode settings.Then you can write code in that

Same issue. Did you figure this out