Replay system not working without console commands

I’m trying to set up an instant replay system using DemoNetDriver, and when I use console commands in-game it works fine, recording and playing it with the commands line ‘demorec ReplayName’ to record, ‘demostop’ to stop recording and ‘demoplay ReplayName’ to play, but when I do it through C++ the camera resets and movement input is disabled. This is my code:

//Start recording replay
UGameInstance* gi = Cast<UGameInstance>(GetWorld()->GetGameInstance());

//Stops recording and plays it
UGameInstance* gi = Cast<UGameInstance>(GetWorld()->GetGameInstance());

What is going wrong and what is the correct way to make an instant replay system?

Im always so excited to find existing questions that address a problem I’m having, then so disappointed to see they have zero replies.

Have you managed to find a solution to this?

We were able to fix this by adding this to our custom engine build.

If this bug is the same as this, then won’t get a fix till 4.20

In the 4.20 version I used, I couldn’t find the con


sole command of Replay system. What’s the matter?