Replaceing Tonemapper doesn't work with Base Color

When I set my post processing material to Replacing Tonemapper it doesn’t work with SceneTexture: Base Color. It is like it still gets that logarithmic 2.2 power applied. Maybe the bug is somewhere else though since it appears really dark.
When you compare that Base Color with the Unlit view mode it is very clear.

Hi Davision -

If you are using the option to Replace Tonemapper, what else are you adding back into the look? When using Unlit mode the only thing that is not processed is the Lighting information, Metallic and Roughness Settings are actually processed but processed as if there was no lighting. The difference you are seeing in the two, is because you have not added back in the Roughness and Metallic Buffers to the Post Process Tonemapper.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum