Replace stuff offscreen

Hey Reader,

I’dd like to create a node-chain that replaces a mesh with another mesh once the player looks away from it, after a certain time has passed.
Anyone got any idea how to do that?

Idd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction


A noob developer.

Not sure if there’s a node for that in blueprints but in C++ you can use last rendered time which indicate when was that mesh, particle fx etc was rendered, you can compare it to game time and calculate how long it has been invisible and similar things.

You can setup a volume at the players back and use that to replace meshes inside(trigger overlap or something else).

I use this Macro to check…If true I’d use a delay of say 1-2 secs and execute back to the Branch asking if it’s on screen again…loop until you get a false…then delay 1-2 (or however long) ask again and if it’s still offscreen replace the mesh…

Hey thanks president, I think that is exactly what I need.