Replace one foliage actor/mesh with another in a group

I have multiple street blocks with trees around them. I need to change ALL the trees on one block with a different tree in my foliage library.

How can I select those trees and replace JUST those with a different tree (I know how to select them but now how to swap them out and maintain the transforms/locations)?

If this was just one block I would just remake them but this will be an ongoing change throughout our city project so it will be on a more than once occasion.

Any suggestions or answers are appreciated, thanks!


I know how to replace all of that foliage type, but not necessarily only the selected ones of that type. To replace all: rmb the foliage type in the foliage paint tab>replace>select the new SMF (static mesh foliage).

It would be great to use the selection tool (arrow icon) and then just replace that specific foliage actor with a different one.

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