Replace material in static multimesh

Hi guys and girls,

I am new on UE, and i would like to import the bigest plant we have ever made in 3D CAO. I have already split the model in 70 fbx to have a less than 100Mo per fbx. It work, i can import it into UE, but in my multimesh, i have a 5700 material i want to replace by 10.
s there a way to replace a lot of materials by one in only one step:D ? or will i have to change each material one buy one manualy:eek: ? i join us a photo of the first fbx (30Mo and 5700 materials) so the space used one the disk is 500Mo in sted of 31Mo if i had 10 materials.

Thanks all for your answer !!

I GOT IT !!!

I just have deleted the materials i didn’t want to, and made a replace references, just have to wait, while th computer is working for me:cool::cool::cool:

Hope this will help some one else