Replace many placed SMs with BPs

We’re using Blender / Max to create scenes and import them into UE and I’m having this annoying repetitive task:

  1. There are several doors and windows in a given scene. There are placed in a scene with the modeling software and have a certain transform (scale, rotation, location)
  2. We have pre-made Blueprints that have functionality for the doors, windows, etc
  3. After importing the scene, we need to replace the instanced SMs with instanced BPs. The BP will contain the right mesh(es).
  4. The transform of the instanced BP should be equal to the transform of the instanced SM, so you have to manually enter all the transform details to get the desired result.
  5. Replacing an instanced SM with another SM is very simple: just drag-drop on the details menu. Is there any way to do this easily when replacing an SM with a BP?

Right now we’re spending many hours just manually entering numbers for the transform… It would be amazing if anyone knows an alternative method as easy as drag-drop…

(p.s. a similar question has been asked before <here> but that’s a while back and no clear answer was offered.)

Thanks for any advice!

You can select the BP in your content browser then right click on the mesh in the view port and replace it.

You can also copy paste the components of transforms.

That’s great, thanks to both of you. Can’t believe that I did not figure this out myself (it’s so obvious if you know it…)