Reorder variable Categories in Class Defaults

Current system doesn’t allow any control over the order of variable categories - in Class Defaults tab, it appears like they’re ordered randomly.
This is the original AnswerHub post: How to reorder variable Categories in Class Defaults? - UE4 AnswerHub

Seems like many people want this, so I’ve decided to make a feature request.
This would be very useful not only for our private projects, but also for end-users of our Marketplace tools.

I vote for that!

me too! please add this to next version, thanks!

Hey Slavq,

There is an existing feature request for the ability to organize Graphs and Functions, UE-26688. I have also added your request for the ability to reorder variables to the ticket.

Thank you for your suggestion!

Have a great day

Does anyone know some workaround for this? The variable categories must be ordered by some rules (they aren’t completely random, since they don’t re-order every recompile) - but I’ve tried operating on category names with many ways trying to ‘trick’ the system by e.g. putting 1,2,3,etc. numbers in front of the names, but nothing helped…

I have he same problems. Someone can tell us something? thank you

… Hm, now a category that should be always at the top in my project (category for the most important, ‘General’ settings of a blueprint), just moved down to the bottom after operating on some variables… And there is nothing I can do to change that… It seems like the variable categories live their own lives and sometimes decide to randomly reorder themselves. Strange.

Hey, is there any chance that this will be addressed in near future, or is it backlogged into oblivion? :slight_smile:

Right now it’s just backlogged, but it’s open for voting: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-26688)

We really need this. Lack of this feature is basically ruining the UX of the commercial blueprints.

Having shipped a project and done a heap of functions, I really miss this feature. Being able to re-order your functions is just as important as re-ordering variables, imo.

Also, I hope they can add Local Variables to this (can’t re-order those to group them logically either).

It’s a pretty important aspect of readability, not just for those sharing their blueprints with others, but for yourself later in a project. Imagine if you were writing code and the order you wrote down your functions and local variables was set in stone once you wrote them down :slight_smile:

Still nothing… If it’s too hard to implement, then maybe we could separate the feature requests, one for function ordering and second one for variable category ordering…? If one of these is easier to implement than other, then maybe we could at least get half of this feature :slight_smile:

Got this fixed in a newer version than 4.14?

Still No Fix in 4.16.2

I vote for this Fix.

Still nothing in 4.17? :frowning:
BTW. The UE-26688 is gone.
This feature is crucial for proper Blueprint parameter organization for our products, please consider adding this to 4.18.

I’m not entirely sure why the jira stopped being publically visible, I think there was a pass over features recently that marked them not public, but I’m not really tied in to the rationales of what is and isn’t visible. That said, it has been implemented for 4.18!

It’s great to hear that, thank you very much!

Let me cry in that corner:

Finally THANKS!

How did you make that image?

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