Renders Ok if Open Texture Map in Editor

If I don’t have the texture map open in the editor the character appears faded and fuzzy but if if I go and open the texture in the editor it renders it fine.

Any ideas as to what is going on, I assume by opening the texture map in the editor (I don’t apply any change) something behind the scenes is happening so it renders fine but when I close the editor window with the texture it reverts to faded and fuzzy.

It also seems to do it when I click out of the folder where the texture map is located as well.



After typing this out it occurred to me that it might be a refresh thing going on in the editor and I had another look on the texture settings (I had looked and tried a few things before posting btw) and there’s a check box called never streaming, I checked that and it seems to be ok. Hopefully it is the solution, appears to be for now