Rendering world-space UMG on top of everything?

For a project I’m working on, we are wanting to implement a UI around the character in world-space for VR. Think Dead Space.

We have an issue though, where if the character gets very close to a wall, floor, or other object, this world-space UMG component will clip through that object and be hidden. I would like some way to specifically render this on top of everything else. We have tried rendering to custom stencil, but we don’t really have a way to sample just the UMG element in the material.

I would like to somehow have a camera that only renders the UI elements to, say, a render to texture, then we could sample against that in the post process volume where we test against the stencil, but as far as I can tell there’s no way to only render a certain object or two in the camera.

Has anyone found any solutions for something similar to this?