Rendering water issue

Hi everyone,
I am using 4 cameras in order to achieve a 360 panoramic view of a world all with a 90 degree FOV. This works fine. My world has an ocean and at the left and right borders of my cameras my view of the water darkens alot and i cant find the reason why.
Maybe i am stuck in something simple here and someone knows a workaround??

Thanks for any suggestions.

This is probably due to screen space reflections. You will need to use something else, such as planar reflections.

Thank you, this is right with planar reflections i don’t get this problem, but is there anyway i can keep my water reflection as it is now and fix this?

Actually the problem is still there with planar reflection but less obvious.

“Angle from plane fade end” in planar reflections did the job.
Thanks again

I guess you are not using a post-process vignette effect :sweat_smile:

O I see now