Rendering: Viewport different from CineCameraActor & Final Render

Rendering: Viewport different from CineCamera

I can’t figure out, why my final render looks different in the output vs. the viewport of my editor?

Clearly to see in on the white door of the car in the right background.
I deleted my PostProcess Volume and just use the camera instead.

Result can be seen below when using my CineCameraActor within a LevelSequence.

I am not able to figure out what I would need to change or what’s causing the color difference?

Any ideas what that could be?

Thanks a lot for any little help,
appreciate it!

Are you using the same camera in that editor render and final render, or ar they two different cameras? Because there is something more off, than just the color, f.e. they use different zoom settings too, as it seems.

Here is a closer comparsion for the parts, i could see immediately (besides the obvious color shift on the car). Check the char itself, like head, armor, weapon.

(Why was my mouse cursor not recorded? o.O )

Hello, have you found the problem and solved it? Because it seems that I have met the same problem as you did, the light or even sometimes the VFX in my final render video is away different from what I see in the real-time viewport in Unreal engine, don’t know why and what should I do to fix it, this is really driving me crazy.