Rendering videos: Ambient Occlusion, Wireframe, etc

Hi everyone! I am in need of some assistance. Is there a way to render videos of my matinee animations as an Ambient Occlusion, wireframe, Unlit, etc? I need to record a tech breakdown of a trailer, for a game I’m working on. It will be put side by side of the final composite render.

I looked around and can’t seem to find anything on this matter. I could really use your help! Thank you.

Not by default,

The only method I can suggest is making the level Blueprint issue a console command based on events in the Matinee, the console command can trigger the different GBuffer view. However, Matinee might not care about what GBuffer you’re looking through, so it may not be possible.

Thanks Jamsh. I’ll give that a try! Is there a specific node for such commands?

Apply a blendable to the GlobalPostProcess and then create a new material that’s a post process, in the emissive channel assign a sceneTexture node to it and then when you render out of the matinee it respects that in the renders.

Ah, cool! Thank you for the assistance :). I shall give it a try as soon as I can.

Ah yeah never thought of that, good idea!