Rendering UMG to Texture

Is it possible to render an UMG widget to a texture render 2d Target? As i want to place my UMG interface on a curvy surface. And I’d like to use UMG over canvas.

Yes - but it’s not trivial. If you’d like a reference I’d take a look at the UWidgetComponent. It’s the 3D widget host for UMG - it employs a render target to render the widget to to be drawn into the world. My advice would be to either clone it or mod the engine code and enhance it to work on top of a custom mesh asset, instead of the quad it currently uses.

Ok, thank you, gonna check it out :slight_smile:

Sorry for reviving an old thread but I asked a similar question on answer hub and yet no answer is given so far: Using UMG Widget Blueprint As Material - UE4 AnswerHub

I must be missing something here but could not find anything after spending days. Any leads?

is there any reason that 3D widget quad isn’t just a static mesh component in the editor? it would be nice to be able to change that mesh without going into the source code.

Last I checked, 3D widget was marked as experimental. So I’m sure they just haven’t gotten to it yet. Probably will see some improvements like that when it gets updated.

Can the 3D Widget be rendered to the new StereoLayer component? Would be nice is there was an option in the Widget component to render it directly to the VR’s compositor.

I’m interested at this too!

I need this too, currently I’m extracting the texture from the material instance of the blueprint widget component and using it elsewhere, it works but it’s a hack.