Rendering thread exception: Fatal error

Hi I’ve been having this problem on 2 test machines (but not on my own.)

I’m using the engine to display questions and answers and polls on a TV show and it’s working well but i’m getting more or less random crashes. The engine receives quite simple strings in over a socket connection and displays text and images and also renders falling blocks to display the data - the crashes seem to happen when a command is sent into the machine. Interestingly we’re running a master and backup machine and they don’t crash at the same times, and the crash report suggests a problem with the render thread.

My software receives commands over a socket connection (which I had Rama code for me) and displays data using the BLUI plugin. On my home machine I can run the system for hours on end sending zillions of commands and get no crashes.

I have a crash-dump - if anyone can help before the engine crashes live on air i’d be most appreciative!

Here’s a link to the show (it’s in Arabic, but I’m not - so I have no idea what they’re saying)

Hello ,

I believe we talked about this issue previously over at this post, just so people looking at this have context:

From looking at the logs you provided, it seems to be coming up with a lot of null references. The repeated errors such as this one indicate that:

LogScript:Warning: Attempted to get an item from array CallFunc_ParseIntoArray_ReturnValue2 out of bounds [3/0]!

Could you check on any arrays you’re using to ensure that you’re not referencing anything out of bounds? From the name of these functions it could be stuff inside the editor itself rather than your code but that would be the first place to look.

Edit: I noticed a mistype where I called these error messages. I’m aware that these are warnings and not errors but they may result in errors due to referencing memory addresses that they shouldn’t.

We haven’t heard from you in a while, . Have you had a chance to look into what I mentioned in my previous comment? It would be useful to know if you’ve been able to find anything. In the meantime, I’ll be marking this as resolved for tracking purposes.

Hi , I think i’ve possibly traced the issue down to a relentless hammering of the Blui plugin. I could never create the problem on my machine, but i reduced the number of blui instances I was using from 9 to 1, using channel masking and some hastily learnt HTML and have - it seems - eliminated the problem. It’s hardly an effective isolation of the error however as I couldn’t locate the real crash in the logs. Although out of bounds, the getters are checked downstream of the parse into array command so it’s not this causing the problem.

Have you thought of putting a success bool on your get nodes? This would help massively in catching these out of bounds gets - I’ve had to set up all kinds of logic using splits and substring searches.

I apologize if I’m misunderstanding you but it seems like this is an issue with that particular plugin. If that is the case, you’ll need to speak to the creator of that plugin to fix the issue.