Rendering specific cinematic camera from SEQUENCER HELP ME PLEASE

I really need some help here. I have a game level i have made using the first person shooter setup. My problem is I have created a cinematic camera within sequencer. its keyed in sequencer but when i go to render the camera instead of rendering the cinecam from sequencer it renders the player pawn start location. pawn drops into the level and im left with a png sequence that’s not at all what I want, also i might add it while rendering is allowing player control input. I cant for the life of me figure out why. SO my question is how do I render the specific camera from sequencer and not the player pawn? Also why is it choosing to render the pawn instead of the cameras in sequencer. Lastly why cant I just choose in the render options which camera to render. Ive included some screen shots that show my camera path and when I go to render it, what I instead get is a completely different room within my level. Is there something in world settings/project settings i have to change, or under the blueprints section. I cant imagine it would be this strange to get something as simple as rendering a specific cinematic camera as opposed to dropping the character into the level when i ask it to render.

UPDATE fixed the issue: I simply deleted all tracks and sequencer and remade another one. Made a short test clip. Let me just say the images below do this scene 0 justice. It had nothing to do with pawn,world settings, or blueprints. I think I must have messed up the camera some way, Id rather blame it on myself then an error with in the game engine. More then that I’m glad its fixed.