Rendering shadows with Directional Light | Beginner Question

Hello Unreal community,

I am a Director of Photography for Films and I am using Unreal Engine since half a year now, mostly for Previz.
Watching a lot of the Unreal and Quixel Tutorials and getting used more and more to the engine.

So, this might be a really dump beginner question, but I cannot figure out the solution for myself.

I am starting a level with real basic stuff, Directional Light (Stationary), SkyLight, AtmosphericFog, ExpontentialHeightFog and a PostProcess Volume (Set to Infinite Extent and only for setting the Exposure to Manuel).

So when I am not baking the light, the tree throws a nice shadow. But then, when I really want to “Build the light”, the tree shadow looks like a puddle.

Also setting the Build Light to “Production” and then “Engine Scalability Settings” to Max, it looks the same, the same puddle.

So, I am assuming I am doing something wrong in general.

I am using a Macbook Pro (Late 2016), 4GB Graphic Card.

I would be very happy if someone can help me out.

Thank you, greetings Frederick