Rendering sequencer is too bad ! Why?

Hi all,

I have a little problem.

My graphic quality in game is OK, but when rendering my sequencer on jpg or bmp or png, the quality is very bad !
My scene quality setting is good.
Just the rendering sequencer is too bad. Where the parameters for quality rendering sequencer ?

So sorry for my sh*t english… :slight_smile:

you can render double size the resolution , then shrink back with a video software, that’s actually what i have found as solution for now…

I think you need to set the focus settings on your camera correctly, what your seeing is Depth of Field. Try playing with the aperture size of the camera in sequencer


Thanks you for answers.

Is not a solution to double size render sequence, dont quality with this technic.

My camera as the good parameters. The problem is not a camera parameters. :wink:

Can you explain what you feel is bad about the quality? Is it the blurriness? There is a compression setting for rendering to jpg, make sure it is set too 100 so it outputs uncompressed files.

Yes, the setting is 100% to avoid compression. I tested all the sequence export formats.

The rendering is grainy, the depth of field is of poor quality.

When I play the game, the real-time 3D rendering is very good, so I do not understand ?!

That looks like TAA dithering. Try switching to a different anti-aliasing method for rendering out sequences.