Rendering Quality: KeyShot 5.0.. is that possible on ue4?

Hello guys,

I was looking over the internet in order to get some stunishing shaders for my project and i found this:

I tested the 14 days trial and guys, the materials they got are terrific, i was trying to mimic then on ue4… it can be possible to make this kind of rendering on ue4?how?

No, that’s a completely different rendering system

Ohhh thanks btw!!

What about pre-rended?

Not possible, UE4 doesn’t work that way. And you can’t really ‘Pre-Render’ in UE.

There is nothing you can use Keyshot for with UE4

actually as far as I know KeyShot just uses matcaps (material captures). Which is rather easy to implement in unreal.

I just posted a thread about it, if you wanted to just create swift KeyShot style renders, I believe it is entirely possible :slight_smile:

//edit: on further investigation. I believe it is doable, in conjunction with a library of tileable normals (model would need UVs for that though), you could easily get something similar going.
with a compositing material. I think it would be relatively easy to set up, you could fine tune lighting influence to some degree too, and use tileable scratch maps etc