Rendering Problems iOS

Hello Community,
I am creating a 2Dgame for mobile devices with UE4 Version 4.7.5. On Android and in the Unreal Engine the game runs perfect. All images become rendered like they have to. But on iOS doesnt all images become rendered. I will show you some examples:

  1. Widget on Android:

  1. Widget on iOS:

Some Actor doesnt become rendered on iOS too:

  1. Star Actor rendered on Android:

2 Missing Star Actor on iOS:

I thank you for all hints you can provide me!

Hello TO.Games,

Since you seem to be developing across the general mobile platforms, take a look at the mobile development documentation as well as the Paper 2d documentation. Both contain important information on the limitations of each platform and how to optimize your project in regards to performance and compatibility.

Mobile Development

Paper 2d

At first glance, it seems the issue is not with the platforms, but with setting up your project for the targeted platforms and configuring your textures and materials to work correctly. Let me know when you have given these documents a read through and still cannot figure out why your having some rendering issues.


I read this, but it didnt solved my problem :frowning:

Would you mind showing me the texture settings of the ‘Star’ sprite you are using?

by the way, i tested to resize to power of two, but there wer no changes.

I would suggest taking a look at your ‘Heart’ texture settings and compare them to this ‘Star’ texture. It seems your heart renders on both so try match the settings exactly. This means the resolution as well as how you have it implemented to render in game. Let me know when you have tried this and if you see any visible change.

Also, to which mobile devices are you deploying?

Thank you,