Rendering order

Imagine a character is wearing a fluffy top. Now she puts on a jacket. I want ensure that the jacket always renders above the shirt. If the shirt has wrinkles it might poke out of the jacket and I would like to force the pixels of the shirt to get occluded by the jacket at all times irrespective of the 3D depth. Is this possible in UE4?

Usually what you would do is model the character so that the unseen faces on the inside aren’t there, so basically the jacket would be welded to the shirt where they intersect. If you needed cloth simulation then that’s one of the difficulties of cloth simulation to make sure that layers don’t go past each other but most likely you’d want to avoid trying to do that in games.

Thanks darthviper107. Well yes the obvious way is to have the internal unseen faces removed but in my case thats not possible. Adding an offset to the pixel in the blueprints is one idea.
Any other ideas ?