Rendering options for archviz

Hey guys,

When we render out images for architectural visualisation in 3DS Max and vray, we get a number of ‘passes’ which we can export as separate images. The passes can include things like a shot of only the sunlight, a shot of only some of the meshes or a shot showing only the reflections in the scene. These help with editing shots which is very important for archviz and if Unreal was capable of similar shots it would make it much more useful in the archviz scene. Some of the passesI know can be achieved in Unreal, like the buffer visualization for ambient occlusion, however I’m struggling to figure out how to do some of the others.

I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to do any of the following:

1. Rendering only reflections or refractions

There’s a view option for ‘reflections’ but this simply applies a reflective material to all objects. What we need is a way to show ONLY reflections from the scene. Showing refractions would also be good, though I’m guessing much less likely.

RGB overall small.jpg


2. Masking out objects

In Max, its possible to set objects up for masks, so that particular objects show up as a color while the rest of the scene is black. This is used for easy selection of these objects in Photoshop. I imagine this could be achieved with black and colored materials and using the Unlit viewmode, but that would be quite time consuming, especially being that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to apply a single material to every object in every material slot at once. Is there any easy way to make all objects black while keeping a select few colored?

ORIGINAL: same as above


Finally, it’d be great if there was a way to get shots of the scene with only particular lights on without a need to rebuild lighting (e.g. scene with only sunlight, scene with only artificial lights etc.) but I’m guessing due to the nature of lighting builds that’s not a possibility?

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated!

Try this page of the docs:


Hi CreativeVilla, thanks for the link, it’s definitely helpful for rendering out using some of the buffers. Unfortunately, it seems it can only use the same buffers that are accessible in the viewport and doesn’t have any option for showing the reflections or masks.