Rendering Movie in Sequencer is Skipping Frames


So, I’m rendering a sequence with a camera moving on a spline - but what’s happening is that the camera is ‘skipping’ frames (looks like every three frames is moves).

How I know this is happening, because the camera will not move for three frames, but the VFX will continue to emit - then three frames later the camera will move.

Here is what I have so far … any ideas as to why the camera movement is jittering?

I looked to see if anyone else was having this issue, but I couldn’t find anything online.
Also I have reset the computer, and also killed most of my processes via the Windows Task Manager.

Hi Chris,

Can you try disabling “Force Fixed Frame Intervals” in the general options in Sequencer? We put that in to try to combat some frame accuracy issues but it seems to be causing the issues you describe. In the latest version (4.13) we’ve set that to be off by default until we solve the issue completely.

BOOM! Right on target.