Rendering issues


I’m having some issues with reflections/material rendering. When I launch the level I get this:

1.- When I get close to the pool the water dissapear on the bottom of the screen:

Captura de pantalla (32).jpg

Captura de pantalla (33).jpg

2.- The grass is killing the FPS, is it possible to disable dynamic lighting only for the grass? If not, I´m getting this “cut” on the shadow of the grass, I suppose its the cascade shadow but it doesn´t happen anywhere else.

Captura de pantalla (34).jpg

3.- When I get closer to a wall with windows it looks like it started to split appart.


Thanks for your help, Claudio.

  1. disable “cast dynamic shadows” in the foliage tool + decrease the amount of foliage (use a good ground material) + disable the wind :slight_smile:
  2. Take a look at this thread: Reflection problems with glass - UE4 AnswerHub

“there should be a refraction parameter in your material. Slide it towards a value of 1 and that should solve this problem. the reason it is looking like this is because of the high refraction amount”

Ok, thanks!

First issue might be due to screen space reflections

But I´m not using a post process volume. What else should I try?

Unreal has Post Process enabled whether or not you have a PP Volume in the scene. By creating a simple Post Process Volume and setting it to “Unbound” you can override the default settings like Screen Space Reflections to help you troubleshoot.

It didn’t work :(. Maybe its something I can change on the water shader or on the lighting of the surface. What would you do?
The edge of this thing has the same shape as the pool.