RENDERING ISSUES - Skylight omitted from HTML5 preview.

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to Unreal Engine 4.13.0, so apologies in advance if this is a simple question.

I have a project of a room (lit by a directional light (sun) and a skylight). When I preview the project using Unreal mobile preview, it looks great.
However when I launch the project to safari web browser, the lighting is completely off. I have attached an image to show you what is happening.

I read an article saying that skylights do not work in HTML5 format (which would explain the dark room), this is frustrating because I really like the results produced.

Is there a way to have Skylight working for HTML5? If not then what would I need to do to get similar results as my initial preview?


Could you change the skylight to static or stationary and bake the lighting?

It looks to me like the exposure is just wrong. Most of the light in that room is from the directional light bouncing off the floor, so the skylight missing wouldn’t have such a dramatic effect. I don’t know anything about developing for mobile/web, so I can’t really help you find a solution, but it’s definitely an exposure problem and not a skylight problem. Although it wouldn’t hurt to set your skylight to static like ZacD said.

Have you tried increasing the intensity of your directional lights?