rendering issues on iOS vs ES2 preview - possibly a broken calculation in the distance node

hey folks!

I created a little material function to add a spherical falloff to my materials, but for some reason the result is completely off on iOS builds.

I’m using the SphericalMask node (i also tried with my own function that does the same thing, but also did not work). This is what my material function looks like -

On PC in all the preview modes I’ve tried it works great. Here’s what it should look like (noticed the cloudy overlay on the floor’s material) -

When I send this to iOS though, the falloff is completely broken and covers the whole world when the value for the Radius input goes over ~260. Here’s what I get -

With values between zero and ~250 the look is the same on both. Anything higher on iOS quickly covers the entire world. So between ~260 and ~280 the gradient goes from what you see in the first result (working) to what you see in the second result (not working).

On all other builds and previews I’ve tried I can increase the Radius value to as high as I want and it will slowly cover the entire map as intended.

This is how I’m using the material function btw -

It really feels something is going off with the division in the SphericalMask node. Has anyone else run into a similar issue? Any help would be great.


PS - I have a question going for this already in the questions hub, but I never seem to get any replies there.