Rendering issue

output of the render sequence are getting different the image are getting out of area or broken how to fix this .Here by sharing one of my image sequence (NOTE : this issue is getting affected for the entire frame not just a single frame PLEASE HELP TO SORT OUT THIS PROBLEM
other problem am phasing is about the exposure adjustment cant even control that

system spec i7 x series
32GB RAM, RTX 2080 GPU

It might be a clipping plane issue. One setting is in Project Settings > General, and it’s called Global Clip Plane. Set it to 0, or 1. I think there’s a clip plane on the sequence camera too. It may be a console variable, so press ~ to get the console box and type “clip” or “plane” or “camera clip” or something directly related to the sequencer camera and look through the list. Type “?” after any of the console variables typed out fully to see info and status of it.