Rendering in two pass

Hi all,

I have a scene with only one light source in the air pointing to a point on ground. I want to render my scene in two pass in real time. The light source can move on my scene.
1 - First pass, the rendering should be made on light source point of view. I need to activate all effects possibles by lumen with ray tracing enabled… The camera is oriented to the point on ground.
2 - In the second pass, I want to apply the final image produce in the first pass on the scene (like a texture or a lightmap ?), modify the position of the vertices in a vertex shader and change the position of the camera. I don’t want any effect like lighting and shadow in the second pass. The color of each polygones is already computed by the first pass. If a polygone was not visible in the first pass or in a shadow, it should be black on the second pass.

Any idea how to produce this special rendering case ? (I’m on UE 5.0 but I can test this in UE 4 too).

Thank you.