Rendering in DX12 is terribly bad, why ?

Hi guys,

I’m working on a project where I use some really cool materials but they are kinda “old” (made 2-3 years ago). I wanted to render a cinematic in this level through the Sequencer using Ray tracing, so I turned on DX12 in the Rendering settings (and RT too of course). The problem is when I restart my project, it compiles shaders and then my landscape material is looking terribly bad (way too sharp details and there is a super weird red reflection at some places, where the sun hits I believe, despite my material is all white…well…).

So I think the problem comes from the material but it’s old and before I dive into it, I would like to know if there is some obvious spots I should check first with this material for DX12.

Thank you !

Is there a post process volume in the scene? It’s where RT Reflections and Translucency can be enabled. Default is raster, so it needs enabling for both of those in the PPV. Double check that the PPV is Unbound too, in Post Process Settings of it. It sounds like it would be a material issue, though I’m not sure how. It could potentially be a skybox / skysphere issue with lighting, where skylight and/or directional light is picking up a red color from skysphere and spreading it to a specific area of the scene, such as in the reflections. I’ve encountered a similar issue with blue instead of red, and green…though the color getting picked up wasn’t from a blue-only or green-only material surface. As far as I remember, RT works with a certain color setting, but don’t remember which (out of RGBA, sRGB, and any others if there is more) in the material. Though that could’ve gotten a fix since I read it.

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