Rendering glow on a UMG widget?

We’ve started to rework our new UI from a custom 3D solution to the UMG and have run into a major roadblock.

Materials that have emissive glow (emissive color set) no longer cast the glow if they are used in UMG widget. The material works well in a normal object, but not on an UMG object, even when it has another UMG object behind it. Any suggestions or is there a possibilty to render 3D objects on top of UMG widgets?

if you want to use the UMG widgets only for registering interaction you could assign them an invisible material and have your 3d things behind them - not entirely sure if this will work though. UMG widgets do not receive any post-processing as of yet which is the reason for them not being able to glow(among other things)

Yeah thought so, but I do hope Epic adds post-processing to UMG since it feels like severely limited otherwise. The interaction is not the problem, but we’d just rather use UMG, but required the glow in some of our UI elements.

This would be the expected behaviour, as in most cases you do not want post processing to affect your UI.

However, have you considered placing a widget component in the game world? This should allow for the UMG elements to be affected by post processing. Simply attach them to your camera actor to keep then at the same relative location to the camera like a regular UI element.