Rendering cinematic with FluidSim


I’m working on a sequence that uses BP_FluidSim and a BP_Dynamic_Force_Component in conjunction with a WaterBodyOcean to generate a wake behind a couple of ships.

It works well when simulating in the viewport, but the FluidSim doesn’t seem to work when rendering out a sequence in the Movie Render Queue.

Is there a setting or a step I may have missed? Or is the FluidSim and the Movie Render Queue not compatible?


Generally speaking the render doesn’t necessarily simulate physics.

You should probably record a play session or something similar that actually makes use of physics.

It’s hard to tell exactly what the situation is, since we don’t know your project and setup, but chances are that physics isn’t simulating.

Good to know. It’s a 3D shot for a documentary, so there really isn’t any gameplay involved.
Thanks for your help!