Rendering camera view in widget?

Can you render the camera fiew in a widget? I am working on a crafting system which allows the player to customize the item they are crafting, and would like to give them a preview of what it will look like. Kind of like the crafting in Star War Galaxies.

You can do that by using a scene capture 2d actor and a render target texture.

More so on what Jacky said. If the character you’ll be showing is not animated, it would be best to disable ‘Capture Every Frame’ bool in the Scene Capture. Then whenever you update the inventory and change the appearance you activate the ‘Capture Every Frame’ for one second just to update the image (Blueprint or C++). If you are animating your character, you can do what I just said now with a delay to alleviate any processing power taken away from rendering with a Screen Capture 2D actor. This will also allow you to use higher resolution scene capture’s without overwhelming the system. Hell, updating every half a second helps a lot.

This isn’t much of a solution but more of a suggestion. Good luck.

It wont be animated most likely static meshes or skeletal meshes without animations.

Does anyone have a good example of how to set this up? I am using an image widget for the preview.