rendering by command line, but missing frames

This is my command

However, I got unsmoothed png files(probably missing frames).
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I get the same problem depending on what machine I run the command on. On my gaming machine it renders only about half the frames so play back is about twice as fast as it should be. On a less powerful machine it renders about 1/5th of the frames, so play back is about 5 times faster than I’d like.

“D:\unrealprojects\package\WindowsNoEditor\ScifiBunk.exe” -ResX=1280 -ResY=720 -BENCHMARK -FPS=60 -DUMPMOVIE -SECONDS=200 -NOTEXTURESTREAMING

I thought -BENCHMARK was suppose to force the exe to render each frame?
Hope someone can shed some light

BENCHMARK appears to be bugged and sadly there is no plan for a fix yet:

By the sounds of that post, CLI rendering is on the way out all together :frowning: