Rendering Animation with Path Tracing

Greetings! :slight_smile:

I hope someone can help me with a Path Tracing (PT) issue I’m having. Hopefully it’s just a setting I’m ignorant about.

When rendering animated objects with PT, there’s a weird temporal ghosting effect. It is especially noticeable on fast moving objects.

Here’s a video showing a LIT vs PT side-by-side comparison…

Increasing PT samples does the same, just with less noise. Changing AA type from TAA to FXAA or none, also produces similar ghosting.

I’ve read a lot on the forums here. After adjusting some console variables, I learned more about improved AA and depth of field quality, but the ghosting persists.

Thanks in advance for any input to help me get this sorted.

After many tests, we figured out Path Tracing and rendered most of a YouTube episode with it.

You can watch it below…

The MetaHuman shot was rendered in Lit mode with Ray Tracing.

The UE4.26 Render Queue was great for managing shots from several cameras.

I’m having the same ghosting issue, how did you solve it?