Rendering and relationship of baseLighting.ini and lightmass settings

Hey all,

With the archVis examples coming out I was interested to know if anyone had any knowledge of the relationship between settings in the baseLighting.ini file and lightmass settings. In the Production Quality section there are various attributes that are not present in lightmass and was hoping someone has some documentation or explanation of these two aspects of the lighting pipe.



All of those ini settings are really for the convenience of a few coders who know Lightmass internals and want to tweak. Anything that artists need is made available in the UI (and if someone can demonstrate otherwise we will add new UI settings). AFAIK, there’s no reason to tweak the ini settings. I looked at koola’s DefaultLightmass.ini settings and the same thing could have been accomplished with

IndirectLightingQuality 6
IndirectLightingSmoothness .6

in the World Settings.

Btw documentation on all of those settings is in the code

Awesome, thank you kindly Dan.

Sorry but i am not able to find this file , in my Engine\Source\Programs Folder , i only have a folder named DotNETCommon and nothing else

engine version 4.4.3 , downloaded not compiled from source

You need the source code distribution. Or you can just view it on GitHub (this link is to the 4.4 branch):